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popular purple scooters for kid D-max145

Safe and quality 2 wheel LED kids scooter D-max145

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D-MAX145 As we all know, physical exercise is beneficial to the growth of human bones and muscles. For children who are growing up, learning children's scooter can not only help children grow bones and muscles, but also enhance physical fitness and cardiopulmonary function, improve blood circulation and other system functions, which is conducive to their growth and development, enhance adaptability, and enhance health capital. Reduce your chances of catching diseases like colds. At the same time, practicing children's scooters can also help children better grasp the sense of direction and coordination, improve the nervous system's ability to judge the intricate changes in physical activities, and make timely coordinated, accurate and rapid responses.

D-MAX 7 (2)

D-MAX 7 (2)

D-MAX 7 (2)

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Play children's scooter good children also easy to build up confidence in themselves, from not sliding, to smooth turning, sliding, and even drift, can help children establish confidence, choose a qualified quality, special appearance, play attractive scooter, is also one of the ways to help children build confidence, exercise balance ability. About the scooter divided into the following materials: plastic, steel, aluminum alloy.
Plastic manufacturing: Advantages: portable style variety color gorgeous.
Disadvantages: easy to damage can not be seriously impacted. Steel manufacturing:
Advantages: easy to carry light, than plastic products is not easy to break.
Disadvantages: Easy to rust when exposed to water.
Aluminum alloy manufacturing:
advantages: easy to carry and not easy to rust, in addition to large impact will be damaged, under normal circumstances there will be no damage.
Disadvantages: Heavier than plastic, steel.

D-MAX 7 (2)

D-MAX 7 (2)

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The product can withstand up to 100kgs, suitable for children over 6 years old. In addition, when playing scooter, the waist, knee, ankle need to support the body, but also make these parts easy to hurt, so the children should do warm-up exercises when sliding, and wear good knee pads, elbow pads, safety helmet and other defensive equipment!

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