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Travel must have environmentally friendly 2 wheel adult scooter D-max230

  • Model: Big Wheel Adult’s scooter ONE SECOND quick folding
  • Material: Full Aluminum
  • Wheel: Front230MM pu wheel ,REAR 200MM pu wheel with double
  • Handle Grip: NBR
  • Bearing: ABEC-11 Carbon steel
  • Max wheight: 100kgs
  • Open size: length-93cm
  • Breath: 14cm
  • Height: 95.5-100.5-105.5cm
  • Net weight: 6.77kgs
  • Color: black/orange/white
  • Package: 94.5*33.5*40.5/2pcs
  • GW/NW: 15.9/15.0KGS
  • HS CODE: 9503001000
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    With the pace of the city getting faster and faster, more and more friends choose scooter, electric scooter, balance car and other convenient travel modes in the process of choosing to travel. Due to their small size, low cost and easy to use, it is greatly convenient for people's daily travel.

    The advantages of electric scooter: high range, convenient and fast, energy saving, turning radius is very small, suitable for a small range of use.

    D-MAX 7 (2)

    ico  Disadvantages

    poor stability, high cycling requirements for cyclists, the actual range is not high, and the battery storage capacity is not long-lasting.

    Balance car (single wheel, double wheel) advantages: green environmental protection, less noise, energy saving, convenient control
    Disadvantages: relatively large weight, the range is not high, the cyclist's step control ability requirements.

    D-MAX 7 (2)

    ico  Scooter (foot slip) advantages

    good stability, energy saving, large turning radius, convenient to carry the weight will not cause too much trouble to cyclists. It allows cyclists to achieve the home fitness effect while cycling

    ico  Disadvantages

    rainy days, the hot sun is not suitable for use, can not meet the ideal effect of fast commuting cyclists.

    The D-MAX230 uses larger pu material wheels to provide better stability for cyclists, and the pu has strong wear resistance and anti-aging militia, but it can have a strong elasticity and a very long service life during cycling.

    The biggest feature of the D-MAX230 is its lightness and convenience. For more portable convenience, we have paired the D-MAX230 with a patented flexible and easy folding system to achieve the best security. It can be easily folded with just one key, go out light and easy to carry, saving space and easy to store at home. There is another suitable harness (free), in the upper and bottom of the pole buckle the strap, a lift to go.

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