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  • Chancan Industry &trade Co., Ltd.

    Yongkang chancan has been established for 8 years, is a regular trade export manufacturer and has passed the national quality management system certification, is the production of adult children’s scooters, motorcycle, motorcycle accessories and other fitness equipment professional company....
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  • Solve the last kilometer of short trips

    Scooter production capacity and output statistics in 2016-2021 According to statistics, in 2016, China’s production capacity of scooters was 2.0014 million units and 1.5071 million units respectively. By 2020, China’s scooter production capacity will be 2,607,600 and 1,968,400, respe...
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  • What is a scooter

    Scooter is another new product form of skateboarding after traditional skateboarding. Scooter is popular in Japan and Southeast Asia, stems from its easy to learn, only one minute to learn, ten minutes can make some pattern movements. So, the heat wave of the scooter gradually hit the domestic...
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  • Hong Kong Toy Fair

    Hong Kong Toy Fair

    We have cooperated with: Poland, Ukraine, Australia, Romania, the United States, Japan, Korea, Germany, United Arab Emirates, Russia and many other countries have a certain production experience to the greatest possible to meet the requirements of customers.
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  • China guangzhou import and export trade commodities trade association

    China guangzhou import and export trade commodities trade association

    Chancan is a private enterprise that has been operating for more than eight to nine years as a factory integrated foreign trade company specializing in the production and development of adult and children’s scooters. The company’s products are all aluminum pedal scooter, the hardness...
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