Chancan Industry &trade Co., Ltd.

Yongkang chancan has been established for 8 years, is a regular trade export manufacturer and has passed the national quality management system certification, is the production of adult children’s scooters, motorcycle, motorcycle accessories and other fitness equipment professional company. There are 8 large and professional punches, 2 material cutting machines, 4 electric welding machines, 2 professional lathes, 6 sets of turn, and other several raw material processing instruments. We have a professional machine team, advanced technology and design concept, free for guests to design, free proofing.”Create a first-class brand, do a first-class enterprise” really let you rest assured and worry is our inconvenient service purpose.
In addition to scooters, we have developed a new and more high-end design of novel extreme scooters, land surfboards.、

According to the compulsory Education Sports and Health Curriculum Standards (2022 edition) released by the Ministry of Education in April, the changes have led more and more parents to support their children in learning skateboarding.
At present, the most popular by the majority of users is the three big board class of fish board, small body is easy to carry, suitable for walking brush street, fast and flexible; soft wheels, small vibration, suitable for all kinds of roads, is the best choice for many teenagers.
Extreme scooter is another new product form of skateboarding after the traditional skateboarding. The scooter speed can reach 20 km / h, this new product comes from Japan, but it was invented by a German worker, it is a simple labor-saving sports machine.
Our ultimate scooters all use HIC system, forging integrated, integrated CNC connecting pipe, C trinity and other processes. The bottom plate adopts T4-T6 heat treatment, and the head rod is divided into chromium-molybdenum steel and carbon steel two kinds. Give users a satisfactory sense of experience.

Post time: Nov-16-2022