What is a scooter

Scooter is another new product form of skateboarding after traditional skateboarding.

Scooter is popular in Japan and Southeast Asia, stems from its easy to learn, only one minute to learn, ten minutes can make some pattern movements. So, the heat wave of the scooter gradually hit the domestic market. The “Scooter” is very lightweight, usually under 3kg, folded when storage, and is unfolded or folded in 30 seconds.

Scooter because of the speed is moderate, studious and easy to operate, has the brake device (step on the rear wheel brake and hand brake), if only ordinary transportation, ordinary entertainment, generally it is not easy to fall down. So it is suitable for a variety of ages, especially in teenagers is more beloved, proud of owning a car. Scooter has a good exercise effect for teenagers.

In 1817, a German engineer named Sieghartstxaka put two skateboard wheels on a piece of aluminum and added a metal armrest with telescopic performance to his scooter. He spent months improving him and took him to the train station every day. When he started to work on a walking scooter, he was despised by everyone, including passers-by and colleagues. But before long, an investor came to him, he thought that this hand scooter has a very market opportunity. He was happy to invest in producing this “great invention.”But then it did not value the production, but instead used the development of electric bikes and electric motorcycles.

Foldable scooters designed for adults tend to be more durable, for more practical convenience, with wider and longer pedals, larger wheels, and brakes. Skateboard has the characteristics of fission resistance, deformation resistance, high cold resistance, very wear resistance, strengthen the aluminum alloy support and base, not easy to break, the surface of the skateboard is printed with all kinds of exquisite patterns. Skateboard reliable body twist and move forward, do not need to use the foot to push and slide, can do a variety of fancy change movements, with twisting the waist movement, can achieve a significant slimming effect, can enhance the balance of personal entertainment and fitness activities.

Post time: Nov-16-2022