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Scooter production capacity and output statistics in 2016-2021
According to statistics, in 2016, China’s production capacity of scooters was 2.0014 million units and 1.5071 million units respectively. By 2020, China’s scooter production capacity will be 2,607,600 and 1,968,400, respectively.
Scooter is another new product form of skateboarding after the traditional skateboard. Scooters are very energy-efficient and can exercise. The vehicle shape is beautiful, convenient to operate, driving is safer. For friends who like convenient life is absolutely a very suitable choice, to add more fun to life.
Scooter is also a rising industry in China. Like the popular balance car, it belongs to leisure toys. The consumer group is limited to a few outdoor sports enthusiasts, and there is still a certain gap with foreign countries. But with the growth of China’s economy, the increasing popularity of cars and the more frequent traffic jams, portable and short-distance vehicles have developed rapidly. Like the balance car, the market began to explode in the past few years, has become a casual and fashionable means of transportation, with large sales. There is already popular two-wheeled electric scooter, is everywhere.
Statistical analysis, China scooter industry market operation in recent years, it is concluded that China scooter industry market in rapid development, forecast the next few years, the growth in high growth, but a slightly slower, forecast to 2025 China scooter industry market size will gradually increase, will rise to 6.096 billion yuan, industry market competition will be more intense.
With the rapid development of society, traffic congestion has become the ultimate phenomenon; commuting tools have become more and more intelligent travel tools. A fashionable, convenient, simple intelligent scooter, can let you enjoy the relaxed and happy shuttle in the downtown. Smart scooters replace bicycles and electric vehicles as a means of transportation.
In the future, we will launch a new electric intelligent scooter, a scooter can take you to ride the streets of the city
As can be judged from the name of the smart scooter, the biggest feature of this product is balance. It can maintain balance through its overall coordination, and it is relatively small and easy to use. The noise of the scooter is small, through the hands to control the direction, steady forward.
Modern people’s requirements for the quality of life are also constantly improving, but the noise pollution in the environment in the social development is also one of people’s troubles. Most people drive cars or travel, although modern technology is clever, but the engine noise is higher and the horn is more. Smart scooters are powered by electricity. The noise generated by smart scooters is so small, mainly because it is powered by lithium batteries, so there is no carbon emission. And the use of energy conversion, so that the power can be converted in the process of driving, the performance of the motor is improved, the noise is much smaller. Many drivers are also very important to this point, especially in the suburbs, with the beautiful scenery, there is no noise, this is a very comfortable thing.

Post time: Nov-16-2022